In the past 10 years, the DESIS Labs have set up and participated in a large number of social innovation-related projects. Looking at them, we can easily observe that they take place in different areas of application and adopting different tools and strategies.

A few years ago we put together a DESIS Map that allowed us to make a big step forward in an understanding of what the DESIS Labs really do and, on this basis, of what DESIS Network really is. Now, after looking at the map, producing an exhibit about the outcomes and sharing it with our colleagues, we proudly announce the release of the booklet “Design for Social Innovation and Cities (DxSIC)”, edited by Ezio Manzini and Carla Cipolla.

The Thematic Area (TA) of “Design for Social Innovation and Cities” includes DESIS Labs’ projects with the keywords City, Social Innovation and Design. The aim of this TA is to gain deeper insight into these projects’ characteristics, specifically their aims, methodologies, results and the stakeholders involved.

The DxSIC booklet will be released at Bogota, on next 29th October, during the DESIS Assembly. Everyone on the meeting will receive a link to access the online publication, which will be available on DESIS Network website just after the Assembly.