Most people live in urban settlements that challenge the idea of cities as planned and regulated environments. They are challenging places where social and environmental problems may be tragically tangible, basic infrastructure may not exist and public institutions may be absent. Places where people may be in danger for their health and their safety and where everybody, day by day, has to invent how to live. Or at least, survive. In turn, in these same difficult and challenging environments we can also find people endowed with collaborative attitudes, creativity and entrepreneurship. People who, if supported, can become agents of change. For them and for the whole community.

Collaborative people in challenging places is a Seminar that aims to focus on how these collaborative behaviors stem from in challenging places, and what individual, social and environmental values could be produced by them.

The Seminar introduces a variety of meaningful experiences. Their common thread is how the collaborative attitude emerges, re-emerges and/or is maintained. And what could be the role of design to foster its development.

In order to do so, the DESIS Network Association and Universidad del Norte as the local DESIS Lab, got together with Red Académica de Diseño (RAD) and the Elisava, Tecnológico de Monterrey and COPPE from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (COPPE-UFRJ) to create a collaborative scenario for this discussion.

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