DESIS Assembly – 29th October, in Bogota
After the DxCC Seminar, in Bogota, the DESIS Network members will be able to join a meeting to discuss the on-going projects of all DESIS Labs around the world. The Assembly will be held on the 29th October, at Universidad de Los Andes, and will cover the following topics: current DESIS activities, new Lab affiliations and editorial initiatives. Two special points, the Coordination plans for 2020 and the DESIS 2020 Manifesto will also be discussed. Carla Cipolla, International DESIS Coordinator, will be hosting the meeting at Bogota; there will also be a link allowing those who can’t be at the Assembly in person to virtually participate in the discussions.

For those who will be at Bogota for the meeting, it’s very important to remind that a previous registration is mandatory in order to access the buildings at Los Andes University. Click here to fill the Registration Form.

For those who will virtually join us, you can find below all the information needed to enter the video conference:

DESIS Assembly, 29th October 2019
Universidad de Los Andes / Cra. 1ª No. 18A – 10 / Bogota, Colombia
Room SD_702 / From 10AM to 1PM
The room has capacity for 40 people
Link to connect via Zoom: