We are very pleased to announce the release of DESIS’ new book, Design for Social Innovation and Cities (DxSIC). The publication, edited by Ezio Manzini and Carla Cipolla, is a project compilation with all DESIS Labs’ projects with the keywords City, Social Innovation and Design.

DxSIC is one of DESIS’ Thematic Areas (TAs), and its aim is to gain deeper insight into these projects’ characteristics, specifically their goals, methodologies, results and the stakeholders involved. The release of the DxSIC book was made during the last DESIS Assembly, that was held in Los Andes University (Bogota).

Here you can read more about DxSIC and the others Thematic Areas. And here you can read or download the book.

We would also like to invite DESIS Labs members and friends to download these materials and organize local exhibitions or events related to this Thematic Area. The expositions are composed of a series of posters that can be easily printed.

Click here to download the TA1 exhibition files.

If you organize an exhibition and/or event related to the TA, please let us know by sending photos and other related materials to desis.coordination@gmail.com.