In 2020, Rome will become the epicenter for universities of design. The Roman University of La Sapienza will host the Cumulus Spring Conference in 2020 (16th to 19th June 2020). 

A preliminary event, a pre-conference with the keynote speakers Richard Buchanan, Ezio Manzini and Guillermina Noël, will take place on 15th June 2020, from 6 pm at the Istituto Svizzero in Rome.

The pre-conference intends to deal with a topic that can currently be observed at many universities. Triggered by the digital transformation, universities are confronted with the challenge of having to prepare students for occupational fields that are not even known today (see e.g. “Future of Jobs Report 2018”, World Economic Forum). Subjects that are gaining relevance in the study programs in both design and non-art disciplines will be discussed along with the selected positions from the keynote speakers.