The DESIS Philosophy Talk “#7.1 “Designing as politics of nature” is the first of a new series of talks dedicated on the topic of post-anthropocentric design. This first conversation, that will be prompted by the Politecnico di Milano PhD programme in Design, will take place on February 21st, 2020 in Milano.

This DESIS Philosophy Talk will bring in conversation the Politecnico PhD programme in Design with a leading contemporary philosopher. This intellectual dialogue will be structured throughout a full day program, comprising one morning open session and one afternoon closed door seminar. Both sessions will be curated by the Politecnico PhD programme in Design, in collaboration with DESIS Philosophy Talks.

This new series will tackle a particularly urgent issue emerging from current design experimentation: that to be able to reach beyond solely human concerns when designing, looking at them in their radical interrelationship with the ones of the planet in which we happen to live.

Curators: Paola Bertola, Annalinda de Rosa, Stefano Maffei, Ezio Manzini and Virginia Tassinari

Participants: Arturo Escobar (video), Tim Ingold (video), Ilpo Koskinen, Alistair Fuad Luke, Jonathan Chapman, Pieter Jan Stappers, Gay Julier, Carlos Teixeira, Weston Baxter, Politecnico PhD programme in Design, Polimi DESIS lab and other Politecnico faculties and researchers.