Carla Cipolla (DESIS Coordinator), Ingrid Bico and Matheus Ventura (Coordination Team and… students at UFRJ Rio DESIS Lab!)

Students have always been essential to DESIS network.

The last DESIS Assembly in Bogotá included a discussion about the role of students in DESIS Network. It was a consensus that DESIS Network works mainly based on activities promoted by professors.

Since them, we at DESIS coordination have been exploring the possibilities of developing an initiative “by” students themselves, or by professors to increase the direct participation of students.

After the assembly, we did some workshops in our DESIS Lab to identify if students would be willing to take part in some DESIS initiative or leading one at a network level. We included in the process some inputs from the discussion on the assembly.

The results were: students here in Rio de Janeiro are willing to participate and connect with other students and, at the moment, have different ideas on how this can be done and not sure how to start. They also would like to have support from the professors. The conversation here continues.

A contribution to Conversations 2020 describing the importance of increasing the participation of students in DESIS has already been written (click here to read).

Now, we would like to invite other members of DESIS to join this dialogue, and to reflect upon this possibility.

Please, let us know what are your thoughts about it writing an email to