Aligned with the vision of Cumulus Association and its commitment for sharing design knowledge and practices in a global and multidisciplinary perspective, Sapienza University of Rome will host the Annual Cumulus conference with the aim to house and to foster the international debate on the current cultural, social, and economic challenges in design.
In particular, the conference is calling designers, academics and experts to tackle the relationship between Design and Culture, with the purpose of valorizing interdisciplinarity and diversity in Cumulus community.

The working title of the Conference is “Design Culture(s)” and it is aimed to map the most advanced research and education in design, by reflecting on the idea of design as a form of culture, while drawing its field and opening to new directions.
Design Culture(s) is investigating not simply on the concept of culture as a monolithic expression of a specific knowledge that reflects on itself, but as the product of an investigation that is open to many different “Cultures” which are emerging and revolving around it in society, in the places and in history.
We live in an increasingly complex society, which is crossed by new social, cultural and economic challenges and at the same time it is more global and multicultural than ever, more and more enriched by new languages and the flows of people.
As a consequence, design is evolving as a wide-open field with many new applications and cultural meanings.
Design as expression of Culture(s) is taking into consideration the cultures we are inheriting from the past and which should be granted for the benefit of future generations, so intertwining past and future, tangible and intangible, innovation and tradition.
This is the time when it is urgent to multiply the opportunities for knowledge sharing and dissemination, in order to tackle the cultural, societal, economical, technological and industrial shifts of the future, through design education and research.

Date: June 16-19, 2020
Where: Sapienza University of Rome

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