Join DSD DESIS Lab this Friday, 28 February 2020 for presentations by Terence Fenn and Jason Hobbs, focusing on discursive design. Discursive design is a growing approach to both conceptualising and conducting design research and practice.

Talk 1: ‘Unpacking’ by Terence Fenn
While seminal authors such as Raby, Dunne, Malpas, Zimmerman and Kosiken have attempted to frame the emergent practice of discursive design through the often diverse lenses of critical design, speculative design, design fiction and constructive design research, Bruce and Stephanie Tharp’s Discursive design: critical, speculative, and alternative things (2018), is perhaps the most comprehensive account. In this presentation, with an emphasis on discussion, Fenn will introduce Tharp and Tharp’s key conceptual and methodological underpinnings for discursive design practice as well as briefly discuss the genus of the approach.

Talk 2: ‘Thinking. Doing. Making.’ by Jason Hobbs
Following on from the early framing of discursive design, Hobbs will provide a focused presentation of how he conceptualised a selection of the discursive design thinking in relationship to information architecture.

The event will take place at 14:00 in the Multimedia seminar room, FADA, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

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