Since the announcement of the pandemic and the imminence of a shortage in medical supplies volunteers started gathering, to sum-up efforts on fighting this crisis.

A large number of volunteers are working with 3D printers to produce face masks, used by healthcare workers.

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, three universities are leading the production of items. Rio DESIS Lab at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) is contributing to the initiative with its 3D printers. The work is being done in partnership with PRO•PME, which is a reference as a technology center at UFRJ.

In Portugal, Design Factory Aveiro (ID+ DESIS Lab) is also helping to produce items to be used by healthcare workers.

Is your DESIS Lab working on something to fight COVID-19?

To discuss these initiatives and other strategies related to the current pandemic we are experiencing, we invite you to participate in online meetings that will take place next April 14th and 16th (click here for more info).