Motivated by all the changes the Coronavirus pandemic has provoked in the world, DESIS Network members, colleagues and partners got together to discuss the impacts, ideas and what designers, as active citizens, could do to help the world face the pandemic. The conversations were done last April, via video calls, and gathered more than one hundred participants from all over the world.

A proposal of going through this pandemic phase was made by Ezio Manzini, DESIS president: an “Emergency-Transition-New Normality” way of thinking. “We are all living a very tragic moment, but from this tragedy, we’ll move on. Life is already coming back in some ways, but it can not like before”, he stated. After Manzini’s presentation, some DESIS Labs also shared their projects with the participants.

As a network, DESIS wants to be a place for generating new design knowledge and new reflections, and that common spirit was present in all projects presented during the meetings.

The meetings were done in two different days and timezones, to suit better the agenda of our Eastern and Western partners. Combined, the conversations had participants from DESIS Labs of China, South Korea, India, Ghana, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

Both meetings were recorded and are available on our YouTube Channel, as you can access in the links below:

Desis Conversation / COVID-19 (14th April – Eastern)

Desis Conversation / COVID-19 (16th April – Western)