Innovation processes in public service communication for service designs

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MD Journal #10 intends to explore the contribution that design can make to this area of interest, by focusing on the theoretical and design aspects, sharing among researchers the transformations under way (or only latent), the methods and instruments that the discipline is implementing, in relation to certain core themes:

– design for citizenship and inclusion;

– public-service digitisation projects, practices and services;

– citizen centered methodologies and co-design of services;

– public sharing and co-design platforms and spaces;

– emergency design;

– the know-how necessary for the design discipline in order to tackle the digitisation of institutional identities;

– design of identities in the context of culture and training;

– design of territorial identities as an expression of social interaction;

– design of identities and awareness-raising projects in the non-profit context;

– wayfinding of public service.