14th October 2020: Deadline for the submission of 1000 word abstracts

CoDesign Special Issue, Proposed Publication Date March 2022

Guest Editors: Professor Lynn-Sayers McHattie, Glasgow School of Art; Dr. Brian Dixon, Ulster University

Designing for Reimagined Communities: Addressing pluralities of values, economies of wellbeing and building sustainable capacities.

Participatory design and co-design are increasingly practiced in open-ended civic contexts, with the focus being directed towards social, cultural and place-based issues. Place-based research conducted with community groups or citizens explores how societal differences or infrastructural challenges might be addressed by reconfiguring behaviours or identifying shared environmental resources as cultural assets. The aim of such work may be specific, or equally it may be broader in scope, for example, to inform organisational approaches or policy. In either case, efforts will be directed towards reimagining how communities or groups come together; how they associate and interact; and how economies of wellbeing and relational exchange operate. 

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