24H WORLDWIDE DESIGN CONVERSATIONS Ed. 2020 | design wor(l)dbook after lockdown

Following the COVID19 pandemic, many design paradigms need to be rethought and re-invented. The POLIMI Design System community of the Politecnico di Milano will launch, on June 24, 2020, a continuous 24-hour live broadcast, through a schedule that follows the international time zones; this way it will travel around the world, keeping at each session the same moment of the day.

The 24h continuous live broadcast is taking place from 9.30am on 24 June, to 9.30 am on 25 June, CEST (Milan time)

DESIS members will contribute:

Lou Yongji
Carla Cipolla
Teresa Franqueira
Virginia Tassinari

Polimi DESIS Lab members will interview: Anna Meroni, Davide Fassi and Laura Galuzzo

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Mail: 24h-design@polimi.it
Instagram: @24hdesignconversations
FB: 24hdesignconversations