(Written by Teresa Franqueira, ID + DESIS Lab)

The DESIS Manifesto initiative that will be held on the 16th of July aims to gather the contributions made by several DESIS Labs in the framework of the DESIS Conversations 2020 and intends to form the basis for collective and collaborative creation of DESIS Manifesto.

These contributions will now be discussed in a webinar in which the speakers will have 5 minutes to present their contribution and reflect on it in the light of the new COVID-19 context.

The DESIS Labs coordinators and participants will be able to collaborate and contribute through a whiteboard that gathers the speaker’s keywords and will be available during the presentations.

There will be space for a joint reflection and a final collective debate so that the 2020 DESIS Manifesto can emerge from this collaborative thinking on social innovation and climate emergency.

We invite all the DESIS Labs to join us on the 16th of July at 14.00 (CEST).

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