Discussing the future of humankind in the pandemic/post-pandemic scenario has become a common practice around the world. DESIS Network brought this discussion to the Design table during an international webinar with professors, students and researches from many parts of the globe. Almost 100 people joined the webinar, which was done via Zoom and also streamed through our YouTube channel.

DESIS webinar on July 16th

The proposal was to rethink the contributions made for Conversations 2020, this time under the circumstances of Covid-19 crisis, and moving on towards a DESIS Manifesto, which will reinforce our commitment to social innovation and sustainability as pillars of DESIS design practices.

The event started with a recap of Ezio Manzini’s contribution, “Social Innovation for the Planet”. Manzini, who is the DESIS Founder, brought to the spotlight the following question: how could we recognize the social innovation practices toward the environmental issue, considering the importance of locating these activities in our territories around the world?

From that initial question, DESIS members from South Korea, Portugal, Italy, New Zealand, China, Ghana, Canada, Greece, Brazil and Denmark made equally remarkable contributions. Two of the reflections were especially interesting: the first, about the value of including non-humans/more than humans interactions in the Design practice researches and studies; and the other one concerning multi-cultural approaches to Design, such as the Chinese philosophy, that considers the unity about humans and the universe as the basis of an ecological civilization.

Collaborative whiteboard during DESIS webinar

To summarize the presentations, the participants worked together in a collaborative whiteboard containing the key-words of their Design practices, interests and projects. Some of the words were: a community of place, thinking radical, multi-species inclusivity, transformational change and regeneration.

The second round of discussions should take place later this year, to reunite the reflections about Design, the “new normality”, the environmental concerns and all topics mentioned during the webinar. In this opportunity, a DESIS Manifesto would be presented, written by DESIS members and partners eager to contribute on this matter.

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