On the next 30th of October, a workshop led by DESIS Students in partnership with DESIS SPbU (St Petersburg University) will be held at the online conference “Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth” in collaboration with Cumulus. The workshop is open to any Design student! It’s not necessary to be part of a DESIS Lab to join the discussions. Besides that, teachers, PhD, Masters and grad students are also welcomed.

The focus of the workshop is to explore ways of creating a favourable environment for students to connect to/and develop social innovation initiatives by design, in the spirit of a collaboration culture.

DESIS Students initiative is the result of a series of experiences and conversations among students and professors in DESIS Network that raised a question: how could we reimagine a social innovation network by exploring new possibilities for students? This main question raised specific ones:

How can we best support the ways students come together, their associations or interactions as part of social innovation processes?

In this, how can we involve marginal groups/voices as possible, addressing inequalities and pluralities of value?

The workshop is part of the DESIS Students initiative, a new project developed by DESIS Network that aims to focus on students as proactive agents of transformative change.

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