Last Friday, the 30th of October, the workshop led by students at “Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth” Conference gathered more than 25 students and professors discussing themes to nurture the initiative.

Screenshot of the meeting

Students and teachers joined the meeting from all over the world: Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, Greece, Finland, Russia, Ecuador, France, Mexico, China and India. Divided into groups, they had the chance to work in a collaborative way in order to find ways to answer the following questions:

“How can we best support the ways students come together, their associations or interactions as part of social innovation processes?

In this, how can we involve social movements, different kinds of activism, and marginal groups/voices as possible, addressing inequalities and pluralities of value?”

After the group discussion, the participants shared their ideas with everyone present at the meeting. The main topics revolved around creating safe spaces to promote themes related to social movements, demonstrating interest in the “cause” you’d like to support and also be closer to other Design students and teachers currently involved in such activisms.

Sneak peek of the Mural built by the students

Stay tuned to know everything about the next steps of DESIS Students initiative.