We are proud to present ServDes.2020 conference that allows delegates around the world to access all 100 presentations, panel discussions and workshops, designed to suit multiple time zones across the world. Please join us from 2-5th February 2021 by registering and participate in the first all online conference on service design in Australasia.

Other special features
• Be inspired by the Opening Keynotes on Articulatory, Respectful Service Design by Indigenous design researchers, Professor Norman Sheehan and Dr Tristan Schultz, following the Welcome to Country by P’arbin-ata Carolyn Briggs AM.
• Join us for Thematic Discussions for expansive and participatory conversations across the conference, with international guests, Lucy KimbellSarah DrummondAndy PolaineLuis AltSean DonahueLara PeninShana Agid and more!
• Learn about service design from the Asia-Pacific region, including Aotearoa New ZealandChinaJapanSingaporeSouth Korea and Thailand during Regional Panel Discussions.
• Access to all 100 presentations, panel discussions and workshops designed to suit multiple time zones across the world.
• Conference program and touchpoints designed with principles of Inclusion, Accessibility and Diversity

Register here and book this exciting event in your calendar for 2021!