Design and Nature: A Partnership is a collective effort involving 3 editors, Kate Fletcher, Louise St. Pierre, and Mathilda Tham, along with almost 40 contributors from around the world. The book contributes to the growing scholarship, about challenging anthropocentrism, de-centering the human, and designing with more-than-humans in social innovation for sustainability.

This book envisions a partnership between design and nature, and calls into question the longstanding role of design as agent for capitalism. This collection affirms sensing as a core capacity of design that can draw design closer to living species. Through 25 wide-ranging and diverse short papers, this book probes designers’ capacities for direct experience and new ways of knowing within our natural world. We identify awe as a way of design engagement, and assert the value of slow awakenings to a humble relationship with nature. This is a rich resource for designers who wish to learn to engage with sustainability from the ground up.

               • New design ethics

               • Spiritual practices in nature

               • Indigenous perspectives

               • Prototyping with nature

               • Nature’s response to an ocean of plastics

               • A history of design and nature

               • Animist beliefs

               • De-centering human-centered design

               • Understanding nature has power and agency




Kate Fletcher: Kate Fletcher is a fashion sustainability pioneer and design activist. She is a Research Professor at University of the Arts London, UK. Kate is the author and/or editor of six books translated into as many languages.

Louise St. Pierre: Louise St. Pierre researches at the intersection of contemplative practice, environmental activism and design’s relationship with nature. She is associate professor at Emily Carr University, Canada and is coordinator of the Emily Carr DESIS lab (Design of Social Innovation for Sustainability).

Mathilda Tham: Mathilda Tham’s work sits in a creative, feminist, activist space between design, futures studies and sustainability. She is Professor of Design, Linnaeus University, Sweden and metadesign researcher, Goldsmiths, University of London.