Involved in DESIS Network since its creation, more than 10 years ago, in the last DESIS Assembly Teresa Franqueira presented her action program for the biennium 2021-2023.

The proposal is based on three pillars and seeks to address environmental and ecological issues, and also to move the network towards activities based on social justice.

Teresa have also led the process of the “DESIS Statements 2020: a collaborative movement for the future”, a collaborative “manifesto” of the network in response to the growing changes in society. Earlier this year, a DESIS Manifesto started to be written, based on DESIS Conversations 2020 – an initiative to discuss the present and the future of social innovation, design and DESIS itself. “In this discussion, and considering the fast changes we are facing today, it was considered that this should be an open document to be revisited every year. To capture the evolving nature of the document, it was renamed DESIS Statements 2020”, she explained.

Besides that, she intends to promote a few new initiatives for different, but related, topics, like “Talks for the Planet” to raise a sustainability perspective; “Bring a Friend” invitation, to promote DESIS and amplify its range; and the “DESIS Café”, a moment of informal talking and conversations between DESIS members to foster community building within the network – this one would be online for now, because of Covid.