(by Teresa Franqueira, DESIS International Coordinator)
January 2021

The process of this defining document for the DESIS future started with the DESIS Conversations 2020 – an initiative to discuss the present and the future of social innovation, design and DESIS itself. A DESIS Manifesto started to be written afterwards in a collaborative and open process with all DESIS Labs. To capture the evolving nature of the document, it was renamed DESIS Statements 2020.

A brief roadmap of this process can be found in DESIS activities in the last two years:

  • 2019 July – DESIS Conversations 2020 initiative has been started. In the following months, several contributions have been collected.
  • 2020 July 16th – webinar: DESIS Conversations 2020 opens up the process – some inputs from all the participants are collected and based on those contributions, a first version of the DESIS Manifesto is drafted.
  • 2020 September – first draft online as an open collaborative document for ICC feedbacks – it followed a discussion where it was decided that this should be an open document to be revised every year. Considering this, it was decided to rename the document from Manifesto to DESIS Statements 2020.
  • 2020 October – Open collaborative document to all the DESIS Labs Coordinators, second round of collecting contributions.
  • 2020 December – the final version was ready and it was presented in the annual DESIS Assembly

This was an in-depth joint reflection journey that led us to establish a major objective: to annually debate and update the Desis Statements, considering the fast-paced changes in society and its emerging challenges. This review will be set throughout the year building on the Talks for the Planet and the Desis Café, as well as on the Philosophy Talks.
We believe that this will convey great advantages for the network, by retaining the relevance of DESIS actions and collective reflections about contemporaneity.

You can download and read the DESIS Statements 2020 bellow: