(by Teresa Franqueira, DESIS International Coordinator)
January 2021

The new IC proposal is based on three pillars and intends not only to address environmental and ecological issues, but also to push the network towards clearer justice-based goals.
It also aims to consolidate the interrelation between the DESIS labs, to promote interaction with other networks, including environmental / sustainable / social activism networks and to reinforce the network’s visibility within design schools and various stakeholders.
The 2-year project proposed is developed in 3 main pillars, andwe intend to promote a few new initiatives for different, but related topics such as:

Network Refocus: 
With a biannual event “Talks for the Planet” as a tool to build and share knowledge through debates and reflections about on-going or prospective social initiatives for the planet.

Foster deeper connections between DESIS Labs:
Reinforce the connections between desis labs with informal open meetings – the “DESIS Café” – as a virtual place for sharing and reflection, where all DESIS members can exchange ideas, best practices and difficulties of projects and actions.

Fostering a broader ecosystem
To promote and structure meaningful interactions with other networks, including but not limited to environmental / sustainable / social activism networks. This initiative dubbed “Bring a Friend” is a way to connect with affinity networks and hopefully be the start of a thriving ecosystem where common goals and initiatives can be shared and specific skills and knowledge can be leveraged to create synergies with other networks and partners.

We will continue to support all the initiatives/events that are already taking place, such as the Philosophy Talks and Desis Students and we want to foster and nurture similar initiatives from other Desis Labs. 
After highlighting these main points of the International Coordination Action Program for 2021-2022, we are counting with your contributions and hope that 2021 can be an enriching and fulfilling year for all Desis Labs.