(By Teresa Franqueira)

We have the pleasure to invite you to attend the first Conversations for the Planet event on the 30th September, at 13.00 UTC.
The topic of this Conversation is Social Innovation in Post-Catastrophic contexts, and we expect it to act as a tool to build and share knowledge about social initiatives for the planet.

We will have two guests: Ezio Manzini (President of DESIS Network) and Beatrice Gisclard (from Nîmes University), who will discuss the issue of environmental sustainability and climate emergency in order to foster reflection and keep the network focus on this topic, also challenging our DESIS Labs to develop more projects to tackle some problems related to this issue.

By Ezio Manzini:
For years we have said that the task of design was to do something today to avoid catastrophes in the future.Now the future has arrived. That is, we have already entered a catastrophic phase.
In this new context, it is truer than ever that design must work to avoid even greater future catastrophes.
But today it must also learn how to design in catastrophes. And, even in this case, social innovation can give us indications on what and how to do.

This event is also organized within the framework of activities of the New European Bauhaus initiative, of which DESIS Network recently became a partner.

I hope to meet you all on the 30th September 2021!

Join the event via Zoom through this link: Conversations for the Planet
Also, please check your time zone here.

Béatrice Gisclard is a designer, doctor of geography and lecturer at Nîmes University (France).

She is currently co-responsible for the Design Innovation Society master’s degree and an associate researcher at CERISC (interdisciplinary research centre on civil security in Aix-en-Provence). Her research focuses on citizen involvement and participation in risk management policies and the contribution of social design to these issues. Her work focuses on natural hazards (flooding – heatwave), public warning and digital social networks in crisis management. Her interdisciplinary approach (geography, psychology and design) allows her to address the interrelationships that the individual has with his environment through territorialized social innovation.

For over three decades Ezio Manzini has been working in the field of design for sustainability. Most recently, his interests have focused on social innovation, considered as a major driver of sustainable changes. In this perspective he started DESIS: an international network of schools of design, active in the field of design for social innovation and sustainability.
Presently, he is President of DESIS Network and Honorary Professor at the Politecnico di Milano. He has been guest professor in several design schools world-wide, as (in the past decade): Elisava-Design School and Engineering (Barcelona), Tongji University (Shanghai), Jiangnan University (Wuxi), University of the Arts (London), CPUT (Cape town), Parsons -The new School for Design (NYC)  
His most recent books are: “Design, When Everybody Designs”, MIT Press 2015; “Politics of the Everyday.” Bloomsbury, 2019; “Livable Proximity” Egea, 2021 (November – English version of Abitare la prossimità, Egea 2021)

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