November 18th, at 5pm UTC

It’s time for the second edition of DESIS STUDENTS Design Challenge.
This time, the topic will be “Design for Emergency” and the event will happen on November 18th, at 5pm UTC!

Although it is called Design “Challenge”, rest assured: the event is based on using the Design theories and methods to work collaboratively, identifying opportunities for social transformation and the many ways to act on them.

The workshop is aimed to students of all levels, from all over the globe, and although it will be presented in English, speakers of other languages are more than welcome.

This event is free and will be held via Zoom, please use this link to register.

We’re a network designed to create a favourable environment for students to connect at a national and international level. The idea for this project came from experiences at the UFRJ Rio DESIS Lab, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where students were invited to propose projects and initiatives by themselves, with the support of their professors.
The DESIS Students proposes an amplification of this movement, calling the students to join the initiative and share their thoughts, dreams and expectations about Design. The initiative is developed to be a continuous activity of DESIS Network – but with its specific process and results!
In this spirit, we would like to extend the invitation to all Design students around the globe, from undergrad to PhD, to be part of this collaborative movement, where students are seen as proactive agents of transformative change.
It doesn’t matter where you are, which languages you speak or which educational level you have (or haven’t). As long as you’re keen to build a workspace based on trust, collaboration and mutual learning, you’re welcomed here.
Be a part of this student-centered initiative, share your ideas and help amplify the movement! By joining the DESIS Students you will interact with people from all over the world (wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend in each country???) and have the chance to develop new skills, learn different languages and more importantly: create real connections with people who like to talk about Design and Social Innovation as much as you do!

You can join us through our website and see what we have been up too on our Instagram @desis_students.