*Periplus: a Greek word of ancient origin, means sailing around. A periplus is a voyage around something, like an island or a coast line. A circumnavigation. 
A periplus was also, since ancient times, the record of such a voyage.

Periplus Workshops 2022: Short-term residency for designers, artists, creatives & performing artists, working across all cultural fields.

Periplus Workshops offers to the selected creative and cultural students, graduates and professionals from all over the world, the time and space to delve into a constantly open lab, where thinking through making, experiential access to local identity and a deeply humanising relationship with nature may develop into a new approach to immense creativity.
Gathering knowledge that may subsequently help local societies better deal with their existing and future multifaceted challenges. Powerfully reengaging them with the wealthy but frequently neglected potential of their local environment.

When: July 2022
Where: Mani, Southern Peloponnese, Greece
Who can apply: designers, artists & creatives, performing artists

Duration of residency:
Two 1 week periods
(“Form” & “Light”)

Private bedrooms with shared bathrooms

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance:
Crafts / Design / Performance / Curating / Sound / Visual Arts / Media Arts / Eating experience

Studio / Workspace:
Shared indoor & outdoor studios

More info, fees and support at:

Application information at:


Application deadline:
2022-1-31 (early bird)

Residency starts:
“Form” week 2022-07-17
“Light” week 2022-07-24

Residency ends:
“Form” week 2022-07-23
“Light” week 2022-07-30

[Kalamata Region] Greece