By DESIS Lab PROJEKT of the University of Nimes

For this academic year 2021-2022 the monthly seminar DEIS (Design And Social Innovation) aimed to discuss the notion of “social innovation” in order to question collectively the future research perspectives of the PROJEKT lab of the University of Nimes, born at the time of the diffusion of this term in design research in France.
We have invited researchers who have enabled us to advance in our reflections that are available here.
Exchanges, presentations and debates will be compiled in a book (in a hybrid web + print format).     

We would like to invite you to the final day of the seminar which will take place on:
24 May at the University of Nîmes,
Hoche site, room 111 and 

Programme :
9:00-9:30 – Introduction 
9:30-10:40 – Ezio Manzini will present his latest book Livable proximity, A design-orienting scenario for social innovation with a focus on social innovation. 
10.40-11.00 – Coffee break.
11:00-12:10 – Caroline Gagnon will present her research and projects that question social and public innovation.
The conference will be open to the public (by invitation). Format: 45-minute lecture, followed by a 25-minute discussion.
12:10-13:30 – Lunch

13h30-14h00 : Presentation of the book Infinite creativity for a finite world from the European programme From Conflict to conviviality through Creativity and Culture (4Cs) by Anna Bernagozzi.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Michela Deni, Béatrice Gisclard and Marine Royer