By DESIS Lab Social Design Hub CENTRO from Mexico City

CENTRO will be opening a Specialization Program in Design for Social Innovation in August 2022, which will be directed by Paulina Cornejo, also coordinator of Hub de Diseño Social Lab.

This is a one-year, life or environment centered design program, focused on three main areas: organizations, citizenship and technology. It is designed for people mainly in Mexico and Latin America, with two great advisors: José Allard from Chile and Cheryl Heller in the US.
With this program we intend to strengthen spaces in Spanish for the exchange and creation of networks of design for social innovation in the region. 
Likewise, we believe it is important to create more accessible spaces to work and talk about challenges and social, spatial, political contexts… that are familiar, in order to move forward in more efficient ways and favor the development of the practice.

Social Design Hub CENTRO would like to explore collaborations and exchanges with the DESIS network especially in Latin America. 

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