15th June 2022 at 15.00 UTC – DESIS Café hosted by Paulina Cornejo from Social Design Hub!

DESIS Café is a virtual place where DESIS Labs can meet and talk about their activities, expectations, thoughts, research, projects, etc. It’s a place to reinforce connections within the community and exchange knowledge about good practices and difficulties of projects, and actions.

Get to know the hosts of the DESIS café:
Founded in 2015, the Social Design Hub is a cross-cutting area of CENTRO University in Mexico City, that connects academics, students, staff and neighbors of the campus, for the co-design and implementation of projects that can add social value to our community.
This DESIS Café will address our work approach, as well as some of our completed and ongoing projects, outcomes and challenges.

Use the following links to learn more about CENTRO Lab work:

We invite you to join us for this DESIS Café!

Join the event via Zoom through this link.
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Desis Labs around the world are hosting a coffee tour every two months on the 3rd Wednesday. So start saving the date from now on! 

We will open our Labs and invite all members to share their activities about social innovation. Our DesisCafé will take place anywhere a Desis Lab is: on a patio, a terrace, a classroom, a kitchen, a beach, or even in the jungle. Who knows?