Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen is located in Xiamen, China. Following the venues in Essen Germany and Singapore, it is the world’s third Red Dot Design Museum.
We successfully held “Social Design Exhibition Asia” in 2020 and we continuously hold a series of “Social Design Tour Exhibition” in a different city in the following year. This year we also are going to continuously hold “Social Design Exhibition 2023” in June at Tianfu Design Hall, which is located in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, after that, the exhibition also will be held at Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen in November 2023(The specific time is to be confirmed.
The exhibition focuses on and presents the importance of “the fourth criterion- design ethics”, design solutions and actions in the face of environment, survival, social relations, urban and rural transformation, and cultural issues.
Through the exhibition to emphasize social responsibility needs to undertake by design, it is also hoped that more designers who have dreams of design and the public can join in the action of social design together