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Name: Design & Sustainability Research Center (NDS) at Federal University of Paraná (UFPR)

City: Curitiba

Country: Brasil

Coordinator: Dr. Aguinaldo dos Santos,

Operational manager: Dr. Liliane Iten Chaves,

Lab’s mail address:

Address: Rua General Carneiro, 460, Edifício Dom Pedro I, sala 71780060-150 – Curitiba – Brasil

Telephone number: +55 41 3360 5313

Website or/and all online available resources:úcleo-de-Design-e-SustentabilidadeUFPR/197998090234779

Hosting institution: Federal University of Paraná, address: Rua XV de Novembro, 1299 – Centro, Curitiba – PR – Brasil, CEP 80060-000

Telephone number: +55 (41) 3360-5000,


Background and objectives   Its mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge about sustainable design. The Design & Sustainability Research Center (NDS) is a research group linked to the Design Postgraduate Program of UFPR. The Design of Product-Service Systems is the main research topic at NDS/UFPR. Prof. Dr. Aguinaldo dos Santos organized the First International Symposium on Sustainable Design in Brazil (2007 (Curitiba). These Event was replicated on 2009 (São Paulo), 2011 (Recife) and 2013 (Porto Alegre), which consists on the main event for dissemination of sustainable design in South America.

A) Research projects: always in partnership with representatives of society (companies, foundations, universities, etc.) in order to obtain results with practical and scientific validity;

B) Extension activities for society: dissemination of knowledge through extension courses, scientific events and publications;

C) Support for academic learning: generation of didactic-pedagogical tools to support teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Design
Primary research areas and activities

One of the first major case studies was carried out with between 2006 and 2008 and explored the concept of PSS on the packaging systems of components used to protect the chassis during the painting process. The second major case study was carried out at Globusiness (local company), from 2008 to 2010, focusing on a PSS for office space provision. The third case study was carried out between 2010 and 2011 in partnership with Tigre (piping manufacturer) and consisted of a “Product Oriented PSS” for rainwater harvesting, aiming low-income households. From 2012 to the present our research group has been developing a PSS for light provision on low income households, having Accord (wood lamps manufacturer) as the main partner.

Integrated to the PSS research projects is the theme of Distributed Economy, with projects focusing on locally-based and network-structured initiatives. One of such projects, for instance, deals with the use of Crowd-Design to achieve sustainable solutions for low income communities, involving local companies in the process. This project (Sustainable Maker) is funded by the European Community, leaded by E-concept (German design company) and is resulting on the Innonatives Platform (

Prof. Liliane Iten Chaves (PhD) has a set of 25 cases of Design for Social Innovation gathered from 2009 to 2015, all of them collected in Curitiba.  She has been working on the social dimension of Design for Sustainability both in extension course and elective subjects on the undergraduate course at Fluminence Federal University (UFF) in Rio de Janeiro, as well as on disciplines at the Design Postgraduate Program at UFPR. The teaching approach usually involves a field research from the students, with the search for case studies on social innovation, followed by a Design exercise.

List of projects and research   LENSIN (The international Learning Network of networks on Sustainability); (2015 current year); EU-supported (ERASMUS+) It is a research project led by Prof. Carlo Vezzoli (Politecnico di Milano), whose objective is to foster the collaborative development, in an open platform, of didactic contents about sustainable design, in particular the design of Product + Service Systems.

Sustainable Maker – Brasil (2014 – 2016) The project that funds the development of the platform is coordinated by Profa. Ursula Tischner (EConcept – Germany). This development is funded by the European Community through the LIFE Program (LIFE11 ENV / DE / 000342). Development of protocol for the development of projects in Design for Sustainability through open innovation platforms (Crowd-Design, Crowd-Funding, Crowd Voting, Crowd Sourcing). In this project the Nucleus of Design & Sustainability developed pilot applications in partnership with Soliforte.

KIT MORES – (2014 to current year) FINEP (Ref.0951/13) The project KIT MORES (Housing Kit with Solid Residues) aims at the development of a Modular construction system applied on housing of social interest, focusing on the use of industrial waste. The project has as client the company Soliforte Company.

LEDHIS – (2010 – 2016) FINEP Call 07/2009 – (2010 a 2014) ( Accord Company SENAI Innovation call (2014 – 2016) ( Research project aimed at the study of energy/water consumption habits and the development of a platform of components and sub-systems for the production of LED luminaires, oriented for application in housing of social interest. ( (

E-WISE – (2011 – 2014) FINEP Call 07/2009 – Research project aimed at the study of the consumption habits of water and energy in housing of social interest in order to enable the identification of an innovation agenda in sustainable products and services. Financed by FINEP within a network of 10 universities. (

AMANA – (2010 – 2014) CNPq 556197/2009-7 and Tigre S.A. Research project aimed at the development of a product + service system for the collection of rainwater in social housing.

PROENG/CAPES – USP/UFPR/UFSC (2009 – 2012) CAPES – PROENG Collaborative development, within the framework of the PROENG / CAPES Program, whose objective is to develop a methodology for the PDP (Product Development Process), integrating the concepts, principles and tools of sustainable design and lean production.

ECO-AGREGADO (2009 – 2012) FINEP 2008 and Araucaria Foundation Project developed in collaboration between the Center for Design & Sustainability, the Postgraduate Program in Design, and researchers specialized in materials of the Post-Graduation Program in Civil Construction of UFPR, with a view to developing products (using construction and demolition waste) aimed at housing of social interest.

Kits do-it-yourself para a habitação de interesse social (2005 – 2009) Habitare Programm by FINEP (The project has as partner COHAPAR and as proponent to FUNPAR) The project goal is to develop a methodology for the starter project type do-it-yourself (do-it-yourself) for social housing.


Dr. Adriano HeemannDr. Alexandre Vieira Pelegrini

Dr. Dalton Luiz Razera

Dra. Dulce de Meira Albach

Dra. Liliane Iten Chaves

Dr. Marcel Pereira Pauluk

Dra. Maria Lucia Leite Ribeiro Okimoto

Mr. Naotake Fukushima


Recent Publications

SANTOS, Aguinaldo dos . Leapfrog of light provision on low income households in Brazil through the use of LED technology on a Product-Oriented PSS. In: Sustainable Innovation Conference 2013, 2013, Epson. Proceedings of Sustainable Innovation 2013. Epson: The Centre for Sustainable Design, 2013. v. 1. p. 1-18.

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BARRETO, S. ; SANTOS, Aguinaldo dos ; Ceschin, F. ; Vezzoli . A taxonomy of strategies for achieving sustainability on the clothing sector. In: Design, Development & Research Conference, 2011, Cidade do Cabo. DDR2011. Cape Town, South Africa: CPUT – Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2011.