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Starts: 03 July, 2020
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DESIS Lab Name: Social Design Hub
City: Mexico City
Country: Mexico
Coordinator: Paulina Cornejo | Contact:
Hosting Institution: CENTRO
Av. Constituyentes 455 Col. América Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, 11820
Tel.:  +52 (55) 2789 9000, Ext. 8945   Mobile: +52 1 56 2110 8544
FB: @HubDeDisenoSocial
IG: @HubSocialCentro
People (participants’ names list):
Paulina Cornejo |
Abel Matus |
Paola Dávila | 


CENTRO’s Social Design Hub is a cross-curricular area created in 2015 that connects faculty members, students, staff, and local residents to design social impact projects. The Hub was set up as part of our commitment to heighten awareness among creative professionals about their potential to effect positive social change. As an open and experimental platform, the Social Design Hub supports people-centered, context-based, and sustainable research and design. Going beyond classroom teaching, the model encourages students to apply their skills and to engage fully with their (ambiguous and uncertain) social setting in order to understand it from various urban, economic, social, and cultural perspectives. 

Primary research areas and activities

The Social Design Hub designs undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate level courses, and has a community service program with students. Projects are creative responses to challenges and needs, mainly in CENTRO’s local area, which contribute to knowledge exchange, and build trust and engagement with the surrounding community. Solutions range from designing and implementing creative training workshops and activities, sports tournaments, and projects supporting local businesses, to strategies and solutions promoting the campus’s sustainability, neighborhood futures workshops, and theses with a diversity of solutions which propose a positive social impact through design.
In 2019 the Social Design Hub published Unfolding: Education and Design for Social Innovation, a book encompassing a series of projects and conversations with international experts that explore creative education from the standpoint of innovation and social impact.
Available for download here.


  • Unfolding: Education and Design for Social Innovation, CENTRO, 2019;
  • Design Under Pressure, an emergency design international workshop in partnership with Wanted Design New York, which explored the role of designers in times of crisis, 2018;
  • Concordia International Symposium on Education and Social Impact, 2017;
  • Hitos (Milestones), exhibition in CENTRO featuring 77 student projects that proposed solutions for issues relating to housing, sustainability, water, health, disability, universal access, food security, and mobility, 2016

Co-designed workshops and activities open to CENTRO’s students, staff, and local residents:

  • Digital Skills and Tools – online workshops for neighbors delivered as a response to Covid-19
  • Cultiva | DIY urban gardening workshops.
  • La Chispa – Entrepreneurship | workshop on business training and mentorship with local entrepreneurs.
  • Tenküa:  Designing Futures for Broken Cities – workshop in collaboration with the Design Futures Graduate Certificate.
  • Al CENTRO de la cancha | community soccer tournament. (video with subtitles and paper
  • Among +30 workshops and activities as broad and diverse as the interests and creative challenges of participants themselves including: yoga, cardio, textile design techniques, design and pattern making, toy making, botanical illustration, model drawing, photography, printing, kyte building or floral design..

Joint efforts COVID-19

  • ComUnidad Más Unidos Más Fuertes. Community campaign launched in collaboration with key partners from the surrounding area (ABC Hospital, American School Foundation, UVM University) to raise awareness on Covid-19 prevention, offer emotional support and pantries to most vulnerable neighbors.


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