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Starts: 17 April, 2020
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Eurasia DESIS Lab

City: Xi’an, Shaanxi
Country: China
Coordinator: Fanzhen Liu,
Operational managers: Chien-Ying Wu, | Ge Li,
Lab contact:
Hosting institution: Xi’an Eurasia University – No.8, Dongyi Road, Yanta District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China

Background and objectives

Our laboratory relies on the School of Art and Design at Xi’an Eurasia University with a goal to establish a social design research platform and advocate innovative thinking and emerging areas of cross-border design. We are committed to enhancing local social design knowledge, actively developing social design practices for local development. We are also devoted to the practice of “participatory design” and “nature education” and the promotion of social development and progress with design knowledge. Established in 1995, Xi’an Eurasia University is an international application-oriented university. School of Arts and Design has always maintained the forward-looking design and the uniqueness of the art of design.

Primary research areas and activities

Nature education landscape for children, community gardens, urban agriculture design, sustainable communities, nature observation, human settlement experiments, etc.

List of projects and research

1. Brother rabbit’s garden, 2019, Fund by Fort Ji kindergarten (Click here)
The students in Zhiwushe of School of Art and Design cooperates with Kid Castle Kindergarten to have designed and constructed a small garden which help children contact nature. This design pays more attention to the reuse of waste in the kindergarten, the choice of plants is more sensitive.

2. Foping design thinking summer camp, 2016, Fund by School of Art and Design Eurasia University (Click here)
Wangjiawan Village is located in Foping, Shaanxi, and several families in the village are facing the transformation of economic form and industrial structure. The design thinking summer growth camp made innovation challenges, interviewed the villagers, and made researches. Through innovative creation with the villagers, combined with actual situations, innovative solutions with the villagers as the core have been proposed.

3. Public arts & public parks, 2018, Fund by School of Art and Design Eurasia University
In order to better understand the importance of public participation, we cooperate with parks to have the course in the public space. This is an innovative attempt to combine the professional teaching and social public service.

4. Summer academy on intercultural creativity, 2017, Fund by S.LAB, Stiftung Mercator and Eurasia University
The Intercultural Summer School has been successfully held for seven sessions since 2010. Each session students have gathered together from different cultural backgrounds. Through in-depth understanding and research, the students found problems and proposed solutions in the hope to spread the concept of cross-cultural communication and cooperation to all parts of the world.

5. Fun garden, 2018, Fund by Weizhai kindergarten
This design adds more gameplay, experiential and ornamental elements to this small garden to make it rejuvenated, so that whenever adults or children enter the kindergarten, they will be attracted by this small garden.

Fanzhen Liu
Chien-Ying Wu
Ge Li
Rong Lu
Sirui Wu