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Starts: 22 March, 2016
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Instructors: The Netherlands, Eindhoven, Strategic Creativity Lab Design Academy Eindhoven
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DESIS Lab: Strategic Creativity Lab Design Academy Eindhoven

Country: Netherlands
City: Eindhoven
Coordinators: Dr. Bas Raijmakers & Drs.Danielle Arets,
Address: Po Box 2125, 5600 CC Eindhoven
Tel.: 0031 (0)40 393939

Background and objectives
The main research question the Readership Strategic Creativity (Design Research Lab at Design Academy Eindhoven) aims to answer is: How can we create knowledge that enables creativity to play a more strategic role in service innovation for society and the economy, through putting “doing design” at the centre point of doing research?

Primary research areas and activities
Product Service Systems (PSS), social craftsmanship, smart textiles research, digital fabrication technologies, design for debate

List of projects and research
During the last 4 years (2011-2015) the DAE research lab participated in the Dutch National research programme CRISP: Crea­­tive Industry Scientific Programme (CRISP). We explored how designers can play a more vital role to society and business innovation.
Looking beyond the idea of products as just products and services as only services, the focus of the CRISP projects go beyond the traditional paradigms of product design and service design and works towards a combination of the two: Product Service Systems (PSS). Through a ‘Thinking through making’ approach, the Crisp programme, investigating how the use of tangible tools can foster a better understanding of networks producing PSS for all stakeholders operating within them, while building and maintaining trust to encouraging collaboration.

Social Interactions
What Remains is a storytelling game developed by Research Associate Alessia Cadamura in which residents and their loved ones collect, share and arrange images using physical photo-cards and a computer application. This research project is developed in collaboration with Careyn Health Care & Delft University of Technology

Empathy is a key constituent in the way designers approach innovation. It enables designers to
explore and question older people’s mobility issues rather than just sympathise with their
situation. Such in depth understanding is needed as a stepping stone towards good ideas – for developing mobility services for older people for instance. How can designers deploy their empathic skills to support innovators at care organisations towards developing new services? Moving Stories is a project by Heather Daam, Research Associate at Design Academy Eindhoven, and part of the Grey but Mobile project within CRISP (Creative Industry Scientific Programme).


  • Dr. Bas Raijmakers, Reader
  • Drs. Danielle Arets, Associate Reader

Research Associates:

  • Karianne Rygh
  • Mike Thompson
  • Alessia Cadamuro
  • Michelle Baggerman
  • Heather Daam
  • Jonathan Wray

Dr. Bas Raijmakers PhD (RCA) is Reader in Strategic Creativity at Design Academy Eindhoven and leads the in-house CRISP research team. Bas has a background in cultural studies, the internet industry, and interaction design. His main passion is to bring people we design for into design and innovation processes, using visual storytelling. He holds a PhD in Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art in London. He is also co-founder and Creative Director of STBY in London and Amsterdam, a design research consultancy specialised in creative research for service design and innovation. Bas works for clients in  the public sector and industry around the globe.

Danielle Arets is Associate Lector in the Lectoraat (Readership) Strategic Creativity. She also has a key role in communicating the knowledge that results from CRISP to creative industries and education. Danielle has a background in Cultural & Science Studies (University of Maastricht) and Media Studies (Aarhus University). She has a strong record in organizing debates for a widespread of public, educational and commercial institutes, and through this she strongly advocates interdisciplinary research and design. As Associate Lector and Knowledge Transfer Officer, Danielle aims to bridge academic and design thinking through strategic, creative tools and techniques and of course lots of debates.