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Starts: 14 November, 2019
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Instructors: Finland, Lahti, DESIS Lab in LAB University of Applied Sciences
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DESIS Lab in LAB University of Applied Sciences

City: Lahti and Lappeenranta
Country: Finland
Coordinator: Kristiina Soini-Salomaa,
Operational manager: Principal Lecturer Mirja Kälviäinen,

Hosting institution:
LAB University of Applied Sciences, Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti, +358 3 828 18,

Background and objectives

Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Lahti UAS soon to be Lab UAS) is a multidisciplinary higher
education institution located in the city of Lahti and 2020 also in Lappeenranta. Regionally and
internationally Lahti UAS is particularly recognised for its design and circular economy know-how.
The research, development and innovation activities have been profiled to four strategic focus areas:
Design, Smart Business, Circular Economy Solutions and Well-being & Reformative Growth. The
design focus area deals with integration of design expertise into societal and cultural development,
economic competitiveness, circular economy and well-being.

Primary research areas and activities

During the last years, RDI activities at the Institute of Design have increased rapidly. The need for
design expertise in the various development areas has grown together with the expectations of
broader design competence of professionals. In the past, design expertise was focused more on
product design. Now the strong emphasis is on systemic, user-oriented and strategic approaches.
One of the main tasks in our RDI projects is to increase the understanding and use of design for
sustainable future.
The key themes in the design focus area are sustainable design solutions, sustainable living, design
for behavioral change, smart design and communication and arts for radical thinking. The urgency of
the planetary boundaries and climate change impact calls for actions to change the consumption
habits typical in the developed countries. The sustainable consumption change requires new
systems and solutions of satisfying our needs in the consumption areas of housing, energy and
water use, mobility, food and products and services. Design for sustainable behaviour change
includes tools to make a change in consumer lifestyle choices and make it easy for the consumers to
notice and adapt the environmentally low impact solutions.

List of projects and research

  • City as a Service 2019-2021
    Funding: European Regional Development Fund
    We develop and pilot the city services together with the businesses by using design methods to
    become more user-oriented. We design co-creation models for service development between
    public sector, private sector and innovation universities and improve the understanding and
    capabilities of City of Lahti employees regarding customer service processes.


  • Kristiina Soini-Salomaa
  • Mirja Kälviäinen
  • Harri Heikkilä
  • Sara Ikävalko
  • Mikko Rikala
  • Kati Kumpulainen
  • Katariina Mäenpää
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