Greece, Ermoupoli, Complex Systems and Service Design Lab

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Starts: 16 December, 2019
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Instructors: Greece, Ermoupoli, Complex Systems and Service Design Lab
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Complex Systems and Service Design Lab.

City: Ermoupoli, Syros
Country: Greece
Coordinator: Spyros Bofylatos
Lab manager: Argyris Arnellos
Lab contact: / +302281097150

Hosting institution:
University of the Aegean, Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering
Kon/poleos 1 Hermpoupolis, Syros 84100
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Background and objectives

In the current era, complexity is the general feature of design systems, both in the designed and as
well as systems that design. Exploring the emergence and evolution of various forms of complex
organizations is fundamental to understanding design in general and to designing complex services
and systems. Therefore, the purpose of the CSSD workshop is to support research and academic
activities related to the understanding of the investigation, understanding, analysis and design of
interventions in complex systems as well as services design at all levels of organizational
Investigating the complexity of systems generally related to interactions with their environment
requires the theoretical foundation of a holistic, organizational and consequently systemic thinking.
Service design involves planning and organizing stakeholders, their interactions, and their dynamic
relationships with various physical and zero infrastructures in order to improve the quality of relevant
services. In addition, service design is a multidisciplinary approach combining different methods and
tools from various disciplines, such as Organizational Theory and Systemic Thinking or Marketing
Services and Entrepreneurship. The use and application of the above framework is necessary for the
development of services and organizations (socio-technical and / or technical) with the necessary
interaction capabilities.

Primary research areas and activities

  • Service Design
  • Developing and using Systemic Thinking to support addressing the complexity of real-world
    problems in service delivery, innovation and management
  • Prototyping services and assessing their Usability and Feasibility through Service Safari and Field
  • Collaborative, Participatory and Open Design
  • Design for Sustainability and Transition design
  • Design of self-service and e-services
  • Design of Complex Systems and Organizations Design
  • Designing organizations
  • Complexity and Design of Socio-technical and Artificial Systems & Environments
  • Strategic Planning
  • Systemic Thinking and Design
  • Drawing of Drawing
  • Design and Values – a relationship between technology, art and society, and ways of mutual support.
  • Evolution and Development of Complex Bio-Gnostic Organizations – The evolution and development
    of Complex (bio-cognitive) organizations
  • Complex Biological & Cognitive Systems & Organizations with emphasis on bio-cognitive
    interactions at various levels of the entire range of organizational complexity of the living and target
  • Embodied Cognition & Interaction with emphasis on the following areas
  • Aesthetic interaction & creativity as high-level & “behavioral” forms of bio-cognitive interaction that are
    directly or indirectly related to the realization of the design process.

List of projects and research

  • Stray Art Festival – Celebrating street culture


  • Argyris Arnellos
  • Eirini Rigopoulou
  • Thomas Spyrou
  • Jenny Darzentas
  • John Darzentas
  • Ioannis Xenakis
  • Spyros Bofylatos
  • Paris Xyntarianos-Tsiropinas
  • Vasiliki Nikolakopoulou