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Starts: 15 September, 2020
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Instructors: Korea, Busan, DSU-DESIS Lab
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​​City : BUSAN
Country : South Korea
Coordinator : Prof. Myunghee Lee, moran@dongseo.ac.kr
Operational manager : Prof. Kyungwon Kim, kkw770@dongseo.ac.kr
Lab’s email address : rubyjung@gdsu.dongseo.ac.kr
Telephone number : +82-51-320-4833
Website : http://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/adcf
Hosting institution: Dongseo University
Address : 47 Jurye-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan 47011, Korea
Telephone Number : +82-51-320-2092, 2093
Website : https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/eng/

Introduction of DSU-DESIS Lab

The DSU-DESIS Lab, located in Busan, Korea is part of the Asian Design Center for Future (ADCF) at Dongseo University (DSU). Dongseo University, founded in 1992, has been nurturing talented young people with a balanced focus on strong academics and development of the Christian spirit, enabling them to master their intellectual, emotional, and volitional capabilities. In particular, students and professors at DSU are working on various community projects in cooperation with the local industries, small business owners, and local governments. The ADCF supports design education and meta-design research on Asian and global design characteristics, especially exploring the value of local culture, and presenting future alternatives.

Background and objectives

The DSU-DESIS Lab aims to share community problem-solving projects with design universities worldwide, which will not only create meaningful social innovation and design solutions on sustainability but also lay the foundation for serving the local community.

Primary research areas and activities

Ongoing projects include “DMZ Haemaru Village Project,” “Busan Gamcheon Culture Village Project,” and “Moraetop Co-creation Design Project.” Through “DMZ Haemaru Village Project,” a multi-purpose space has been planned and executed for residents and visitors to relax and enjoy in the demilitarized zone that separates the two Koreas since 2010. Through “Busan Gamcheon Culture Village Project,” a service and community design team has developed a guide map to give information on Gamcheon Village and help visitors easily explore the location. And, through “Moraetop Co-creation Design Project,” a design team has developed a new brand and redesigned the packaging of Moraetop Happy Community Village’s traditional homemade soy sauce, soy bean paste, and red pepper paste.

List of projects and research

  • 2018. Local co-creation design project: Branding traditional homemade sauce, Haeramtop Happy Village. Huh, J. (Design leader).
  • 2018. ‘Healing and Harmony’ public design project. Kim, S. (Project organizer).
  • 2018–2010. DMZ Haemaru art village development. Ahn, B. (Project organizer).
  • 2018. ‘Creative Power Plant for Youth’ project, Busan. Ahn B. (Project organizer).
  • 2016. Haeundae urban design expedition project: Finding problems of Haeundae. Yoon, J.(Expedition leader).
  • 2014. Busan-Gimhae rail transit sign system & public facility design, Hyundai Development Company. Ahn, B. (Project organizer).
  • 2011. Gamcheon Culture Village: Development of the visual identity and cultural product design, supported by Busan Saha District Government. Lee, M. (Project organizer).
  • 2010–2009. Development of city brand design of Busan: Regeneration of Jagalchi seafood market. Yoon, J. (Expedition leader).
  • 2008. Building operational guidelines for ‘Dadaepo Art Factory’ through service innovation. Lee, M. (Project organizer).

2-3 projects presentation in the prescribed format

  • Project 1: DMZ Haemaru art village development.
  • Project 2: Local co-creation design project: Branding traditional homemade sauce, Haeramtop Happy Village.
  • Project 3: Gamcheon Culture Village: Development of the visual identity and cultural product design.

People (participants’ names list)

Byungjin Ahn, Jiyoung Yoon, Juyoung Chang, Kyungwon Kim, Myunghee Lee, Songyi Jung, Soojin Park, Suehwa Kim

Projects from 2020:

2020_Smart Tourism Dong-gu District, Metropolitan City of Busan, South Korea(Final)

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2020_Buk-gu, Busan Urban Regeneration Project Brand Design for Gupo Beer(Final)

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2020_Haeundae Happy Village Community Design(Final)

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Projects 2019:


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2019_DSU_DESIS_LAB_project_Building a DMZ Haemaru Design and Art village

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DMZ Haemaru

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