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Starts: 07 April, 2020
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Instructors: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ/Coppe DESIS Lab
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Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ/Coppe DESIS Lab (Rio DESIS Lab)

City: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil
Coordinator: Carla Cipolla /
Project manager: Rita Afonso /
Address: Av Athos da Silveira Ramos 149, CT F109
21941-972 Cidade Universitária, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Background and objectives

UFRJ/Coppe DESIS Lab was founded in 2008 to express the interest of researchers to work in the theme of design for social innovation and service design in the Brazilian context. From this moment on, it becomes the first node of the DESIS Network in Brazil.

UFRJ/Coppe DESIS Lab conducts applied research into how design can enhance initiatives in the intersection point between service design and social innovation. It includes, specifically:

  • Monitoring existing social innovation cases in Rio de Janeiro and, in general, in the Brazilian context;
  • Supporting and promoting social innovation initiatives through the design of solutions, i.e. a specific set of tools, services and expertise, able to consolidate and diffuse such practices;
  • Investigating and developing new service models;
  • Developing research programs and projects;
  • Promoting cultural and communication initiatives (exhibitions, publications, broadcasts);
  • Organizing learning initiatives (workshops, seminars, courses, conferences).

Primary research areas and activities

  • Social innovation and Design: It has as object the phenomenon of social innovation, identifying and analyzing cases within the Brazilian context. The idea is to apply the last developments of Service Design and Production Engineering to elaborate concepts, methodologies and strategies. It aims the promotion of social innovation with a focus on sustainability.
  • Theory and Practice of Service Design: It has as object the Service Design discipline, promoting and developing its scope in Brazil. It articulates the last international developments with the Brazilian context.