Russia, Saint Petersburg, DESIS SPbU

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Starts: 23 October, 2017
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Instructors: Russia, Saint Petersburg, DESIS SPbU
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Country: Russia

City: Saint Petersburg

Coordinator: Ksenia Pozdnyakova, PhD in Arts

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Hosting institution: Saint Petersburg State University. Faculty of Arts. Design department. 6th line Vasilevsky Island 15 Saint Petersburg 199004 Russia


Background and objectives

The Department of Design in Saint Petersburg State University has a relatively short though intense story of 17 years of fostering and training open-minded, non-conventional new professionals in the design field. It started as a program in the Faculty of Philology and during these years it has grown and given rise to the emergence of the Faculty of Arts with educational programs in Design, Restoration, Applied Arts, Applied Informatics in Arts and Humanities. Currently the Department is launching the DESIS laboratory focused on Visual Communication for Social Innovation and Sustainability.

We see the lab as a meeting point and a great opportunity for interested and motivated members of the University to learn and collaborate with each other as well as with other participants of the DESIS network, local social charity organizations and NGOs in order to explore local and global social issues and then to implement sustainable practices and to create an impact on local communities.

For our Lab, we find that working on the Services for Social Innovation, exploring the potential of new media when applied to social and environmental issues are particularly important.


Primary research areas and activities

  • Visual Communication Design and Research
  • New Media
  • Socially Sustainable Design
  • Inclusive design
  • Cultural Issues
  • Design for Human Health


List of projects and research

  • Collective awareness platforms for sustainability and social innovation. Eco.Co – a platform for collaboration between SME owners for sustainable business management. 2016 – 2017
  • Communicative and environmental design for accessibility of cultural institutions in Saint Petersburg (Philharmonic Hall, Library, Museum) 2013-2014
  • SEMEN. Upbringing of Eco-culture among modern urban residents, raising awareness of healthy lifestyles in the urban environment. 2012



  • Ksenia Pozdnyakova, PhD in Arts, The head of the Department of Design.
  • Galina Lola, PhD in Philosophy, Professor.
  • Tatiana Aleksandrova, Senior Lecturer, Project Coordinator.
  • Mariia Zolotova, Project Coordinator.
  • Eugene Petrashen, the Head of educational programme “Environmental Design”.
  • Aleksandra Tolstova, Senior Lecturer.