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Starts: 13 September, 2016
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Name: Hongik University DESIS Lab

City: Seoul

Country: South Korea

University: Hongik University – International Design School of Advanced Studies (IDAS)

Lab coordinator: Sven Schelwach

Contact email:

Address: Seoul-si Jungro-gu Yeongeon-dong 128-8 Daehakro 57 #710


In 1996, the International Design school for Advanced Studies(IDAS) was founded by the Ministry of Industry & Energy as South Korea’s first professional graduate school of industrial design. In 2004, IDAS merged with Hongik University, Korea’s leading university for fine art, automotive, industrial, architectural, and space design. Design at IDAS is perceived as an effective and systematic tool to increase awareness and enhance people’s quality of life through social innovation. We believe innovative design is possible only when diverse, interdisciplinary knowledge and experience is synthesised in a collaborative, participatory process. It is IDAS’s mission to build on academic theory and state-of-the-art practice to prepare our students for their professional lives in the creative industry and as design management leaders.


The Hongik University DESIS lab was created to research in the fields of design for sustainability, biophilic and biomimetic design as well as design for behavioural change in order to develop tangible and appropriate solutions for social innovation. Our aim is to generate inspirational and feasible design concepts, to implement our ideas, and to build awareness of design as a key factor for socio-environmental development.


The Hongik University DESIS Lab is working in conjunction with the BK21 Plus program, a specialised professional talent cultivation program supported by the Korean government. In response to new human resource needs due to social changes, the program intents to foster and nurture high quality, working level, convergence professionals who will lead industries within newly emerging high value-added and national strategic fields.

Other activities:

  • convergence design & sustainable design courses
  • NGO collaboration projects
  • universal design
  • corporate partnership

Primary Research Areas

The lab researches at the intersections of culture, society, identity & sustainable design:

  • design for sustainability (product- & systems design, PSS)
  • biophilic and biomimetic design
  • design for behavioural change
  • universal design in a social context
  • sustainable design for developing and emerging countries
  • emotional value of materials, and experience design through (sustainable) materials

Main Partners

  • other Hongik University programmes
  • Korean governmental bodies
  • NGO’s
  • external partners