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Starts: 21 November, 2016
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ELISAVA DESIS Lab, Barcelona Spain

Scientific Director and President: Javier Peña

Director: Albert Fuster

Team: Ezio Manzini, Roger Paez, Manuela Valtchanova.

Institution: Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

Website:  http://desislab.

ELISAVA DESIS LAB (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability ) is an action-research laboratory created in 2016. It works as intersection of public and private partnership, strategic design management and creative process, applied design research and community participatory approach, applying interdisciplinary expertise in the co-creation of sustainable practices and social innovation process.


Elisava Desis Lab are change agents. Explore the relationship between design and social change, our goal is open the mind-set both in education in design led social innovation practices and in research. We want to foster more equitable and sustainable cities in actions-driven practices engaging people at the center of design. In complex challenges environment, Elisava Desis Lab members rethink assumptions about new cultural framework, new economic models and innovative environments, integrated practices into community, by many disciplines and multisciplinary teams of practitioners and professionals.


Three foundations guiding us to co-creating our research in design strategies:

  • Cross Cultural Understanding through Design. We are the bridge of information asymmetries and common shared needs.
  • Sharing Open Data Through Design. We enhance how participatory methods co-create knowledge and inclusion
  • Open Research pathways led by Creative Process through Design. We promote intersection and collaboration of different fields of knowledge to generate more opportunities for all.


The Lab works with the Municipality and Government of Catalunya, Foundations, Associations, Universities, Schools and Museums, at local and International level through the Desis Network, participating in large scale research programs and projects to effect social change.

The Desis Network consists of more than 30 design labs based in Universities around the world that orient their teaching and research activities towards social innovation and sustainability. Desis processes and initiative involve the following:

  • Collecting social innovation practices and generating greating visibility for them
  • Promoting Collaborative projects and organizing academic events to explore these practices
  • Developing Teaching tools and co-producing courses internationally to showcase these practices and their contextual variations
  • Carrying out comparative research programs to tracks these practices and their outcomes


We promote to co-design a new vision where the role of the designers will be participating and be the interface of a new paradigm of communication, where objects and artifacts can represent the shared values and the art of making meaningfully, beautifully and with quality new ways if living.

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