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Starts: 04 May, 2017
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EASD DESIS LAB, Valencia, Spain

Coordinators: Prof. Ricardo Moreno Cuesta /, Dr. José Martínez Escutia /
Operations Manager: Marta Ballester Collado /
Tel.: + 34 963 87 75160│+34 661 663140 │+34 666824192

Hosting institution: School of Art and Design. EASD (Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Valencia) │Tel: + 34 963 15 67 00, Calle del Pintor Domingo, 20, 46001 │València │ Spain,


We are an interdisciplinary group of professors and students at the EASD interested to develop sustainability design projects, social innovation projects. We join projects with the ETSID-UPV. We were working together in the summer schools in 2010, 2012 and 2014 at Desis Lab in Shanghai, as well.


All innovations start with the idea itself is often prompted by an experience or event or new evidences which brings to light a social needs or injustices. Some organisations initiate the prompts themselves – using feedback systems to identify possible problems. Creative leaders can use symbols and demonstrations to prompt social imagination. In many cases, research, mapping and data collection are used to uncover problems, as a first step to identifying solutions. One of the critical challenges at this stage is in identifying the right problem. A ‘good’ problem contains within it the seeds of the solution.

The prompts are triggers for action. They may take the form of imperatives, in that some action is needed without specifying what that action is, for example a budget crisis or a natural disaster. Such prompts are closely linked to problem recognition, and the myriad ways in which a problem comes to light and commands attention. Once the problem is recognised, it needs to be interrogated, and contextualised. This is the process of reformulating the problem in such a way as to stimulate workable solutions. Those running ideas competitions for the crowdsourcing of innovations say that it is the stage of framing a good question what is the key to the competition’s success.

All of the methods that follow are not only prompts, but also steps towards refining the question and generating a solution.

From the EASD Valencia, we would like to develop a teaching strategy where DESIS Network through the Desis Lab. In order to serve as a platform to disseminate ideas and projects that social innovation is an engine that allows implementing processes aimed at sustainable development and as our Schools Faculties and can act as catalysts in the process.

The primary objective is to generate theoretical and practical knowledge to enable significant changes in collaboration with all the integral parts of the design process, to incorporate the ethical, environmental and professional responsibility in the designer’s work

Last projects

  • Valencia, the Post-it city project (2016)
  • Urban Farming: Valencia be a green city (2015)
  • New social solutions for an empty space in Valencia(2013)
  • Showcase Helsinki (2012)

Current projects

  • Sustainability designs projects.
  • Third World´s Design projects.
  • Urban Farming.
  • Process development supply.