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Starts: 04 May, 2017
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ETSID DESIS LAB, Valencia, Spain

Coordinator: PhD. Consuelo Esteve Sendra │PhD.Teresa Magal Royo
Operations Manager: Marta Ballester Collado │

Hosting Institution: Universitat Politécnica de Valencia │Higher Technical School of Design Engineering: ETSID
(Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería del Diseño)

Address: Universitat Politécnica de Valencia │Higher Technical School of Design Engineering: ETSID (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería del Diseño) │Campus de Vera, Camino de Vera, s/n │46022 Valencia, Spain
Phone 00 34 963 87 70 07

Website: http:\\


We are an interdisciplinary group of professors and students interested in develop social innovation projects at ETSID-UPV. We worked and joined experiences with Desis Lab Shanghai during several design summer schools in 2010, 2012 and 2014


From the ETSID-UPV, we would like to develop a teaching strategy where DESIS Network through the Lab Desis. In order to serve as a platform to disseminate ideas and projects that social innovation is an engine that allows implementing processes aimed at sustainable development and as our Schools Faculties and can act as catalysts in the process.
The primary objective is to generate theoretical and practical knowledge to enable significant changes in collaboration with all the integral parts of the design process, to incorporate the ethical, environmental and professional responsibility in the designer’s work.
The Desis Lab initiative has an international character and believes that could be implemented gradually in different schools of the UPV. Currently, it is starting in ETSID one Desis Lab. Later we will try to extend gradually in those degrees based on projects and humanist profile where most appropriate.

Current projects

  • Urban Farming
  • Valencia: Post-it city project