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Starts: 22 March, 2016
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DESIS Lab Presentation

Name: Tongji DESIS Lab

City: Shanghai

Country: China

Coordinator: LOU Yongqi, Dean

Operational manager: Davide Fassi

lab’s mail address, telephone number, website
College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University
281 Fuxin Road, Shanghai, China (not updated yet)

Hosting institution:
College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University
281 Fuxin Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: 0086 21 65983432
Fax: 0086 21 65983432

Background and objectives
Back to May 2007, a Double Master Degree program on PSSD between Politecnico di Milano and Tongji University started. Later in the years, it becomes a platform to promote DESIS related cooperation among more than 20 international Universities.
In March of 2009, With the support of DESIS-International, Tongji University become one of the funding members of DESIS-China Network together with other five leading design schools in China, and the main promoter of Urban-Rural Thematic Cluster, in particular with the flagship project of Design Harvests (social entrepreneurship in rural China), that emerged in 2007 as a large scale applied research, and develop to the current stage of a real scaled social innovation based business activity.
The Lab recognized rural-urban issues as still major concern for the development of Shanghai and the particular need to extend the research from the rural focus, to a wider concern about urban resource management, by including social resources.

In the past years, the activity have been pushed through international collaboration and teaching exchanges, that allow the Lab to collect data, examples and concepts about sustainable development for mega-cities, and create a network of experts and scholars, and a continuous stream of activities to push dissemination and public conversation about sustainable cities and social innovation urban practices.
In recent months, we are particularly active on urban concerns of food chain, and we are partnering with city-based organization that are working on streetfood heritage and services for the citizens.


  • Promote DESIS related exchange and collaboration through high level research, education, international workshops, forums, exhibitions, publications, broadcasting and so on.
  • Consolidate the strategic partnerships and collaborations of DESIS-China and DESIS-International network. -Producing effective academic and social impacts through international and interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Main Formal and Present Activities

  • June / 2008 Workshop on Chongming for sustainable design research support by China-US Center of sustainable development
  • April / 2009 Studio TAO-WKAR Workshop: Defining new typologies of rural public space
  • May 26th /2009 DESIS Forum and Exhibition
  • Sept. 14th-24th /2009 Elope: The Chongming rural kitchen workshop
  • Sept. 25th-Oct. 14th / 2009 Chongming DESIS Workshop: Services for a new generation of creative entrepreneurs
  • Oct. 19th / 2009 DESIS Forum @ Shanghai: Connecting the world: design for social innovation and sustainability The second DESIS-China Meeting
  • Oct. 15th-21th / 2009 Next Design-social innovation and sustainable design International exhibition
  • May-Sept / 2010 Aalto Labs workshop
  • Sept. 7th-10th / 2010 Cumulus Conference and DESIS session and exhibition
  • DESIS Forum at UN-pavillon, Shanghai EXPO 2010
  • October 16th-17th / 2010 China creative industry Forum
  • Aug 25th – Sept 8th / 2011 Tongji University-Aalto University-DuocUC University workshop: DESIS2011 Chongming social innovation workshop
  • 2nd DESIS symposium “Transformation Design for Public” , 2011
  • International Exhibition (Helsinki 2012 during World Design Capital)
  • DESIS Philosophy Talk #1.2: “Emerging Aesthetics” 2012
  • International Exhibition (Shenzhen Biennale 2013)
  • Up-cycling Workshop (2013, 2014)
  • Radical Design Week and Sustainability Exhibition
  • “From Sky To Earth” Seminar + DESIS Toolkit, 2012
  • Community Supported Agriculture Conference, China
  • LIFT China conference, 2014

Primary Research Areas

  • Urban food sustainability / Food heritage
  • Digital Social Innovation
  • Waste management and Upcycling
  • Sustainable Households
  • Rural Public services
  • Enterprises
  • Fab-lab, open production

List of Projects and Research

  • “DESIGN Harvests” Chongming sustainable rural community design research project (2008-)
  • Chinese Creative Industries Practitioners research (2009-2010)
  • Mobile services for community supported agriculture research and design project (2011-2013) with Nokia
  • Rural handicrafts design (2011-)

·2-3 projects presentation in the prescribed format:

  • Upcycling (Davide Fassi)
  • Shanghai Streetfood (Francesca Valsecchi)

People (participants’ names list):

  • Lou Yongqi
  • Francesca Valsecchi
  • Davide Fassi
  • Gao Bo
  • Joey Lei