The Thematic Area (TA) of “Design for Social Innovation and Cities”  (DxSIC) includes DESIS Labs’ projects with the keywords City, Social Innovation and Design. The aim of this TA is to gain deeper insight into these projects’ characteristics, specifically their aims, methodologies, results and the stakeholders involved.

Given that the possible intersections between city-making, social innovation and contemporary design are many, and highly diverse, the following sub-themes have been defined within this Thematic Area. They cluster together different proposed projects, and in this way offer a more precise expression of what is actually happening in DESIS Labs as regards lines of action and thought.

In this spirit, the DxSIC thematic area is currently characterised by four main sub-areas:

1 Design for social cohesion
2 Design for regenerating commons
3 Design for urban production
4 Design for urban infrastructure