DESIS Network has been founded in 2009. Since then, in the world, many things have changed.

Now, in this new context, it is time to open a discussion on the present and the future of social innovation, design and DESIS itself.

The common background is, of course, the initial DESIS presentation and the experience made over the last decade. Its triggering factors should be the contemporary context. First of all the climatic emergency. But also the growing inequalities in living standards and in the political and democratic crisis. And finally, the difficulties for more and more people to imagine a future. All this considering both the North and the Global South.

Like 10 years ago, we still think that social innovation, experimenting with local solutions and sustainable ways of being and doing, are giving us useful indications. And that design can help in many ways. But, when we wrote the initial presentation of DESIS, we were able to discuss social innovation and design with only very general references to the need to move towards social and environmental sustainability. In proposing the discussion, we think that now this is impossible.

In this spirit we warmly invite all the DESIS friends and colleagues to share their opinions (with a 500-1000 words text). The aim is set the basis for an up-dated DESIS presentation. That is, a DESIS 2020 Manifesto.

We are looking forward to hear from you, and also very excited about all the new discussions this initiative will bring to light.

Ezio Manzini (DESIS Founder)
Carla Cipolla (DESIS International Coordinator)

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