DESIS Labs are administratively and economically autonomous entities: each one of them has its own budget and is administrated by the higher educational institutions where that Lab is based.

DESIS Initiatives are the actions that results from specific written agreement between two or more Members. In this agreement every administratively and economically outstanding (budget/obligations granted by the involved higher education institutions with design discipline and the managers of the agreement) aspects will be stated.

The DESIS Platform is managed and the costs covered, as part of the IC’s Program. It has the same administrative and economic structure of a DESIS Initiative.

All the DESIS governance roles are pro bono. The only remunerated activities, by each Member or by each DESIS Initiative if it is the case, are the ones performed by the Platform Team in the economic framework of the principle of Association said at art. 2, “The Association doesn’t have own funds because each Member bears own expenses in the area of the Association and no common expenses for the Association will be taken”.

Private or public higher education institutions, sharing the DESIS vision and rules, can support specific projects (administrated by a DESIS Lab or a DESIS Initiative) and become DESIS Members.

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