Start date: 14 September 2017

End date: 15 September 2017


DESIS Network will be participating in “Learning for Change”, the final conference of the TRANSIT research project.

TRANsformative Social Innovation Theory is an ambitious research project that is developing a theory of transformative social innovation which is about empowerment and change in society. It is co-funded by the European Commission and runs for four years (2014 -2017).   TRANSIT explored the linkages between social innovators working locally, but connected with other innovators around the globe by researching international networks of social innovation in Europe and Latin America as case studies.  DESIS Network was included in this analysis, together with other important social innovation networks, such as FabLabs, Hackerspaces, Slow Food, Time Banks, Transitions Towns, Via Campesina, among others (TRANSIT:

The final conference of the TRANSIT project will explore the empowering and transformative potentials of social innovation in the face of persistent problems and growing complexity. Attention will also be given to the fundamental question of how transformative change can be generated through learning.

DESIS Network will participate in the final conference of TRANSIT, in two ways:

— By organizing a DESIS Philosophy Talk in the conference entitled “Collaborative democracy. A project-based approach, developed as an answer to a call launched by Ezio Manzini and Victor Margolin called Open Letter to the Design Community: Stand Up for Democracy, in which the design community is asked to react, stand up and express our concern for democracy worldwide

— By participating in activities with representatives of other social innovation networks, to share insights into the transformative nature of social innovation, while also seeking to foster new connections and knowledge in support of a transition to just, resilient and sustainable societies.

DESIS Network will be represented by Ezio Manzini, Carla Cipolla and Virginia Tassinari. More information on the conference website: