• Location: Bovisa, via Candiani 72
  • Speakers: CIMULACT,
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CIMULACT stands for ‘ Citizen and Multi-Actor Consultation on Horizon 2020’ . The project engages more than 1000 citizens in 30 countries in Europe, along with a variety of other actors, in shaping a desirable sustainable future. It is a visionary programme embracing the citizens in the actual formulation of EU Research and Innovation agendas through development, experimentation, training and assessment of methods for engagement. All the information about the project at this link: www.cimulact.eu

POLIMI Desis Lab is involved in this challenging project as the partner representing Italy and it plays a crucial role on the upcoming stage which is the “Co-creation workshop”.

The first stage of the project saw all countries involving around 30 citizens in a full-day workshop where they co-created visions of desirable futures starting from their wishes and concerns. All cities produced a number of common visions each and we discussed them during a second appointment in Paris in order to take out the declared and latent needs held in them.

After analysing the citizens’ visions and extracting underlying overarching social needs, CIMULACT will set up a scenario co-creation process involving citizens, scientists and experts to connect the citizens’ visions of desirable sustainable futures with future expected advances in science and technology. Jointly the citizens and scientists will co-create scenarios and storylines outlining possible research programmes for realising the visions and addressing the underlying social needs and assess them in a participatory multi-criteria analysis. AND GUESS WHAT? THIS IS HAPPENING IN MILAN!

On 21st and 22nd of April we will host around 100 people among citizens and experts coming from all over Europe at the “Co-creation workshop” in the “Fratelli Castglioni” room in Politecnico di Milano – Bovisa, via Candiani 72.

We can’ t wait to see what will come out from it and join citizens and experts in the same room working together to build the bases for a desirable future.