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Next July 16th a webinar will open the debate of Conversations 2020 initiative. The main themes will be social innovation and the environmental/climate emergency issue facing the Covid-19 scenario.

There will be streaming for the webinar on our YouTube channel.

Check the program below:

Starting at 14h00 CEST

14:00 | Checking in and Welcome from Teresa Franqueira/DESIS
14:05 | Opening with Ezio Manzini: Social Innovation for the Planet
14:15 | Teresa Franqueira: Social Innovation and the Environmental emergency: How Design can contribute in this scenario?
14h20 | Lisa McEwan: Co-Design for cultural understanding
14h25 | Joon Sang Baek: Design for sustainable development goals
14h30 | Miaosen Gong : A Response of “Social Innovation for the Planet”
14h35 | Nicola Morelli (asynchronous): Are we thinking radically enough?
14h40 | Davide Fassi : Social Innovation for the Planet: Small groups, great ideas
14h45 | Louise St. Pierre (asynchronous): Social Innovation and Biodiversity, or the Merit of Salamanders
14h50 | Virginia Tassinari: Designing as politics of nature
14h55 | Ralitsa D. Debrah: Design in Afrika: Liberating Structures for Social Innovation and Sustainability
15h00 | Anna Meroni (asynchronous): Co-design: future initiatives, sustainability and moving toward civilization
15h05 | Carla Cipolla: Students as a powerful driving force for DESIS
15h10 | Q&A and Whiteboard discussion
15h30 | 10 minutes Closing remarks

Webinar “DESIS Manifesto 2020”
Date: July 16th
Time: 2 pm (Central European Summer Time – CEST) – click here to check the time in your country